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A little parlay regarding who it is we are from this end.


The Expert Podcast presents its listeners with the best interviews with the utmost essential researchers, doctors, scientists, film buffs, authors, auteurs, enthusiasts, academics, professional amateurs, and who-have-you. But no comedians, of course, that would be silliness. Hosted by Doctor Theodore Taulks, Esq, Etc, Etc, The Expert Podcast interviews the leading experts in anything from Irritable Grandmothers to Shia LaBeouf films. However, there is a singular, glaring catch: on the way to each interview Doctor Taulks manages to loose his notes for the expert, much to the malcontent of interns Jack and Andy. To rectify this inevitable faux pa, Doctor Taulks enlists the aid of the audience by having them write down the name of the expert they would like interviewed that evening along with their field of expertise and topped of with mountains of arbitrary slips of paper indicating talking points about the expert's life. These papers are then collected up into jars and pulled out throughout the interview with neither host nor guest aware to the secrets they hold! If we didn't know better here at The Expert Podcast we could swear that it all looked improvised!

The Expert Podcast is recorded live and created by Jack Emby Croughwell and Andy Arnott.